Hans Kuiper

Tessellation software (spiegelkunstenaar), Donald Duck tessellated, and Wallpaper Groups. A good site.

Website :  http://web.inter.nl.net/hcc/Hans.Kuiper/
country :  Netherlands

  Islamic Art, Alhambra VI

  Apple Cores

  Novilon II

  Connected Cubes

  Elephant Ball



  Archimedes 3rd

  Ottomane I

  Alhambra VII

  Alhambra I


  Dogs 1

  Alhambra IV


  Donald Duck

  Novilon I

  Archimedes 9

  Cow Heads

  Archimedes 8

  Archimedes 2

  Just one line! II

  Circles II

  Dogs II


  Circles I



  Bottle and Glass

  Christmas Trees

  Christmas Bells

  Tennis Rackets






  STOP Smoking

  Just one line! I