David Williams

"I got interested in what Escher called “Periodic Surface Division” after my sister bought me a copy of Bruno Ernst’s The Magic Mirror of M C Escher for Christmas 1987. Alongside my other interests I have occasionally turned my hand to trying to create tessellation designs of my own. Here are some of them, with dates and brief explanations."

Website :  http://www.dtw42.supanet.com/

  Fish and Seahorse 2002  


  Peter Rabbit and Mr. MacGregor 2001  

  Thugs 2000  

  On the Beach 2000  

  Olympian 2000  

  Pack of Hounds 3 2000  

  Dodo 1999  

  Strolling Men 1998  

  Man and Parrot 1998  

  Pack of Hounds 2 1992  

  James Bond and Ernst Stavro Blofeld 1991  

  King Kong 1991