(August 2000) pg tiling These two vicious-looking hooligans brandishing Stanley-knives are at least both standing up the same way (as Escher would prefer). I did the outline in CorelDraw! but hand painted the features. Some of Escher’s most famous designs use this symmetry pattern: the Swans (drawing 96) which Microsoft re-used, and the ingenious Horseman (drawing 67). Note re Microsoft’s use of the Swans drawing: it’s either a great coincidence or an unusual piece of subtle wit on their programmers’ behalf: when they included that image as a tile for Windows “wallpaper” they called it “flock”—like flock wallpaper, but it’s a flock of birds, geddit?
created: 2000
depicted objects: men, hooligans
colors: 2, multiple
wheretofind: website author
countvisits: 2747
wallpapergroup_ID: 4
way of creation: handdrawn, computer