Strolling Men

(November 1998) pgg tiling This one uses rotation and glide-reflection. Like most of my designs since 1992, this was done on the computer, using CorelDraw! software (the ‘Clone’ tool comes in handy for tiling). Escher’s drawings nos. 33 and 124 are tiled like this—though Escher would have disapproved of upside-down human figures! (If this picture were in colour, you’d be able to see the blood rushing to their heads!) I used this one on the dust jacket of my personal study for A-Level Art & Design (Graphics & Illustration).
created: 1998
depicted objects: men
colors: 2, greyscale
wheretofind: website author
countvisits: 1289
wallpapergroup_ID: 7
way of creation: handdrawn, computer