John A.L. Osborn

John's website "" is about his art, which is the art of figurative tiles and the tilings that can be made with them. Figurative tiles have a "figure", or a recognizable outline, and they fit together without gaps or overlaps as jigsaw puzzle pieces do. Here you will find about 260 “Escher-like “ tessellations, (figurative tilings). Some of the tilings are made up of variably assemblable figurative tiles or tile sets such as the set of eight different beetles, that tile together in an infinite number of different ways. You’ll also see some of the incredibly varied symmetries of my ten-member bat and lizard set, my red fish, blue fish, yellow fish set, my four ghosts, my Ozbirds, and, (not finished yet, but soon to come): my Ozbirds AND Prairie Dogs tiling together in endless ways. And many others: Escher-like tilings. Penrose tilings. Variable tilings. Even a few whales, (from my life-before-tilings!), in their own gallery.

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  Dancers 1988  


  Big Eared Bats