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You can view the works of different Tessellation Artists. You can use the pulldown menu on top of the site.

A great way search tessellations is searching by depicted subjects. You can do this by using the textbox on the top of the page or by using the menu.


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Tessellation Database

In this tessellation database or library, you can look for tessellations. We just started this database, but already over 500 tessellations included from from 60 artists.

I also created a Links and References page, where you can find websites, books and products.

About the database

My interest in tessellations started with the work of M.C. Escher, but really started to grow when I saw the work of many other artists on the internet. The people doing tessellations list of Andrew Crompton, inspired me to start a database with tessellations. I wish to thank many people for there comments and ideas for the database.

The main intention is to make it easier for people to find tessellations on the internet, so there is a hyperlink to the artists-websites everytime a the work is displayed. I try to make the images in the database as small as possible, to save diskspace and not to harm the copyrights of the original artists.